We Are To The Rescue [2011]

by To The Rescue

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released December 7, 2010



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To The Rescue Gent, Belgium

2008 brought the birth of a new supernova in the already crowded rock skies of Ghent. The recipe of Welcome To The Rescue: add a pinch of Black Mountain to a pint of Mogwai, mix with Tool and some Trail of Dead, feed this cocktail to men with beards and you get dirty powerrock worn by nightly hours and cheap whisky. ... more

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Track Name: The Strong Silent Type
The Strong Silent Type

Forget the wise men saying
Illuminate the treasure
You sure know you’re no good son
Well that’s one thing you know

Forget this bent equation
The cast configures chaos
You sure know you’re not perfect
Well that’s one thing you know

Please mister can’t you understand
My mind

Forget the chords astounding
Belittle every power
You sure know fire exits
Well hell the silent type

And you speak
For the first time
‘bout the meaning
Of your silence
Track Name: JJ Cale Etc.
JJ Cale Etcetera

Got to get insane
Gotta get an attitude
Got to pay for pain
Gotta get an attitude

So we sing do do do do do
It doesn’t mean a thing

Blues Coltrane and Coppola
JJ Cale etcetera

Got to bear the cross
Gotta get an attitude
God is make belief
God is never in the mood

Take my lead
Dancing on the discobeat
Take my lead
Guitars aren’t screaming anymore
Track Name: The Outside Chaos
The Outside Chaos

Water working
Down the drains
All wounds are healed

The dust of habit
Only half the joy
My lips are sealed

Take a bath
In outside chaos
This flood is real

My skin
Unlike a canvass
Reveals only itself
It stretches like it never
Like it will never burst
There is no paint
But I am hurt

However calm I must seem
I’m passing to the other side
Track Name: Reunion

Streets are all empty
There is no sign of life
There was a cancer for the cure
Eliminate the population

The end of a party
The place looks like a dump
The plug is out and so’s the crowd
Three cheers for our nation

I wanna be complete again
Real again

All alone
Between these walls
All around
There is no sound

The rivers run dry
Time to say goodbye
I’m waiting here my son
For the time of the reunion

Follow follow
It goes to show
You reap what you sow